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yp Meaning

YP in Singapore refers to Young Professionals, typically individuals aged between 20 and 39 who have recently entered the workforce. YP年轻专业人士(Young Professionals)是指新加坡年龄介于20至39岁之间的刚进入职场的人群。

yp in a Sentence 

1. Why you like that one? So yp lah! (pronounced as wai yoo lai dat one? so wah-p lah) – in this context, yp is used to express annoyance or frustration towards someone’s behavior.
2. Her self-confidence damn yp sia! (pronounced as her self-confident damn wah-p sia) – here, yp is used to describe someone as being arrogant or full of themselves.
3. Don’t be so yp, just admit you made a mistake. (pronounced as don’t be so wah-p, just admit you made a mistake) – in this sentence, yp emphasizes the need for someone to stop being stubborn or defensive.
4. Why you never apologize? You think you yp or what? (pronounced as wai yoo never apologize? yoo think yoo wah-p or what?) – here, yp is used to accuse someone of acting superior or thinking highly of themselves.
5. I cannot stand people who act yp to impress others. (pronounced as I cannot stand people who act wah-p to impress others) – in this example, yp is used to criticize individuals who put on a show to seek validation or attention.

yp Origin in Singlish

This yp, origin from somewhere in Singapore lah. Very atas place, plenty of ang mohs and high SES people. They wear branded stuff and talk with atas accent. The yp life is shiok, got nice cars, nice condos, and always eating at atas restaurants.

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