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XMM is a word in Singlish (小妹妹)

XMM Meaning (小妹妹) in Singapore

An xmm in Singapore refers to a young teenage girl, usually around 13 to 16 years old, who has a youthful and attractive appearance. These 3 letters, xmm, does have a direct Chinese translation, 小妹妹, meaning young girl, in the Singaporean context.

xmm in a Sentence

1. Wah, that xmm very cute sia! She wear pink dress and carry teddy bear.
2. Cannot believe the xmm at the hawker center eat four plates of chicken rice!
3. The xmm at the counter sell soya bean really slow, take forever to give change.
4. Eh, the xmm at the void deck keep playing handphone games till midnight.
5. Uncle, don’t scold the xmm lah, she didn’t mean to spill kopi on your newspaper!

Pronunciation: XMM is pronounced as ex-em-em.

xmm Origin in Singlish

This xmm leh, she come from Magpackai one. Very atas sia, always wear branded clothes and carry LV bag. But hor, don’t play play with her ah, she very smart one. Always scoring A+ for exams, make all the aunties envy her sia.

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