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xiao ming

xiao ming Meaning

Xiao Ming (小明) is a common fictional character used in Singapore to depict an average Singaporean. His name translates to Little Bright in English.

xiao ming in a Sentence 

1. Eh, Xiao Ming siao one, he always go and KTV until morning, sleep like no need to work tomorrow. (pronounced: zao ming)
2. Wah, Xiao Ming damn suay, kena scolded by boss for coming late again. (pronounced: zao ming)
3. Wa lao, why Xiao Ming so kayu one, cannot even catch a simple joke? (pronounced: zao ming)
4. You see ah, Xiao Ming always act blur, pretend don’t know, then later heng heng get rewarded. (pronounced: zao ming)
5. Eh, Xiao Ming’s girlfriend damn cantek leh, he super lucky man! (pronounced: zao ming)

xiao ming Origin in Singlish

This Xiao Ming, ah, he originally from Singapore, lah. Born and bred here, eh? Can see from his accent, my friend. Very steady one, lah. Got the Singlish vibes, talk like real local, you know? True-blue Singaporean, lor. Wah, so class, sia.