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xia suay

xia suay Meaning

Xia suay (下水) is a colloquial term in Singapore referring to a person who performs petty or menial tasks, particularly low-skilled labor jobs. It is commonly used to describe individuals who undertake jobs that are physically demanding or lack prestige.

xia suay in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t be so xia suay lah, just admit that you were wrong.
2. Heng ah, he managed to catch the bus on time. Damn xia suay if he missed it.
3. Wah, her dress is so tight, can see everything. Really xia suay.
4. The restaurant messed up our order again. How xia suay!
5. My phone died in the middle of an important call. So xia suay, I tell you.

Pronunciation: sha suay (pronounced like shah sway)

xia suay Origin in Singlish

This xia suay ish like come from kiasi one. People scared they suay, so they say xia suay. Aiyo, must hor lor, so superstitious. But sometimes hor, got some luck-luck also. So boh bian, all use this xia suay to jia liao.