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West Coast Market Square: 15 Hawker Stores Worth Trying

Directions To West Coast Market Square

Planning to visit the West Coast Market Centre in Singapore? It’s easy! Just hop on the MRT and get off at Clementi Station. Then, catch the number 201 bus and you’ll be at the market in no time.

Food Options

You’re in for a treat when it comes to food at the West Coast Market Centre. This place is a food lover’s dream with an impressive range of cuisines. From local favorites like Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow, and laksa to a variety of seafood, Indian, and Malay dishes, the choices are almost endless. If you’re in the mood for something familiar, there are even some Western options available.

Opening Hours

The West Coast Market Centre welcomes food lovers daily from early morning until late at night, typically operating from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. But do keep in mind that specific stall hours can vary.

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