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walao eh

walao eh Meaning

Walao eh is a commonly used colloquial expression in Singapore, expressing surprise, annoyance, or frustration. It is often used to convey disbelief or exasperation. In Chinese, walao eh can be translated as 哇老伯 (wā lǎo bó) or 哇老爷 (wā lǎo yé), highlighting its informal nature.

walao eh in a Sentence 

1. Wah, walao eh, this queue so long sia! (Wow, oh my goodness, this queue is really long!)
2. Walao eh, why you always late one? (Oh my goodness, why are you always late?)
3. Walao eh, the price of this food so expensive! (Oh my goodness, the price of this food is so expensive!)
4. Eh, you walao ah, don’t anyhow touch my stuff! (Hey, you better be careful, don’t touch my stuff randomly!)
5. Walao eh, this weather so hot, cannot tahan! (Oh my goodness, this weather is so hot, unbearable!)

Pronunciation: Wa-lau eh

walao eh Origin in Singlish

Walao eh is like from hor, we Singaporeans also blur like sotong. When we see something so shiok or cannot tahan, we just walao eh sia. It’s like a mix of wah lao and what the heck, our own Singaporean style lah.