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ulu Meaning

Ulu, in Singapore, refers to remote, secluded areas that are far from urban centers. It implies a lack of accessibility and amenities. In Chinese, ulu can be translated as 偏僻 or 荒凉, reflecting its isolated nature.

ulu in a Sentence 

1. This hawker center is so ulu! It’s located deep in the heartlands, away from the bustling city.
2. I don’t want to go to that ulu nightclub. It’s in a remote area with no public transportation.
3. My friend’s house is really ulu, surrounded by dense forests and far from any shops or amenities.
4. The school is situated in an ulu area, making it difficult for students to find food during lunch breaks.
5. The ulu beach we discovered during our island hopping tour was absolutely breathtaking, with no tourists in sight.

Pronunciation: oo-loo

ulu Origin in Singlish

This ulu place, you see, originated long time ago. Got some kampung people living there, no market also. So, people say Ulu lah! because too farfaraway, like as if jungle! Then, it became slang, more and more people use. Ulu, sibei iconic in Singlish!