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tumpang tompang

tumpang tompang Meaning

Tumpang tompang in Singapore refers to the act of sharing spaces or relying on others for temporary accommodation or support. It is a term used to describe the cultural practice of helping one another by offering assistance or contributing resources whenever possible. Tumpang tompang translates to 互相帮助 in Chinese.

tumpang tompang in a Sentence 

1. Eh, tumpang tompang ah, can share your umbrella with me? It’s pouring outside! (tu-mpang tu-mpang)
2. Auntie, can I tumpang tompang your bus card? I forgot mine at home. (tu-mpang tu-mpang)
3. Bro, tumpang tompang can or not? Can I use your Wi-Fi, my data plan finished already. (tu-mpang tu-mpang)
4. Hey, tumpang tompang a bit, can I borrow your charger? My phone battery died. (tu-mpang tu-mpang)
5. Excuse me, tumpang tompang, can I have some tissue paper? I spilled my drink. (tu-mpang tu-mpang)

tumpang tompang Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know ah, this tumpang tompang thing started long-long time ago. When one person needs help, another person say eh, can tumpang your space or not ah? Then slowly-lah, everyone keep saying tumpang tompang until it becomes a way of life. So, tumpang tompang lor!