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toto Meaning

Toto in Singapore refers to a popular lottery game where participants select a set of numbers in the hope of matching those chosen in a weekly draw. Toto is commonly referred to as 多多 (Duō Duō) in Chinese.

toto in a Sentence 

1. Wah, this week’s Toto jackpot big time leh! (pronounced as toh-toh) – A Singlish expression to convey excitement about the large Toto (lottery) prize for the current week.
2. Buy Toto sure kena one lah! (pronounced as toh-toh) – Singlish slang expressing confidence in winning the Toto lottery.
3. Last night, I studied numbers trying to makan Toto. (pronounced as toh-toh) – Singlish phrase meaning to crack the code and win the Toto by studying number patterns.
4. Aiyoh, I just missed one digit for Toto liao! (pronounced as toh-toh) – Singlish term used when one number was incorrect in predicting the Toto winning combination.
5. Don’t belittle my luck lah, I 4D zai, definitely can Toto! (pronounced as toh-toh) – Singlish slang expressing confidence in winning Toto lottery due to previous success in 4D (another type of lottery game).

toto Origin in Singlish

Toto is, like, confirm chiobu lor. Origin from Singapura, sia! Go buy number at mama shop and then, beh tahan hope come true. If not, never mind, can always try again and lagi chop chop. Toto is the kaki king of all lottery games, leh!