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Tipping in Singapore: Do You Tip in Singapore? (Restaurants, Spas, Bars, KTVs)

in Singapore, tipping is not a common practice. Unlike in some Western countries, service staff in Singapore do not rely on tips to make up their wages.

Most service-based vendors like restaurants, spas, and massage services add an additional 10-15% service charge to the bill, so tipping is not necessary, but if you wish to reward a service staff – feel free!

How Much to Tip in Singapore?

If you decide to tip for excellent service in restaurants or other facilities, a tip of around 10% of the bill is usually appreciated. However, do remember that this is entirely optional and not expected for Singapore-based services.

Credit Card Tips in Singapore

In Singapore, if you decide to tip using a credit card, it’s important to note that the service staff may not receive the full amount. Credit card companies often charge a processing fee, which can be deducted from the tip amount. Moreover, the distribution of credit card tips can also be contingent on the establishment’s internal policies, which may not always favor the individual who provided the service. Therefore, if you wish to ensure that the entire tip goes to the service staff, it would be better to give it in cash.

Singapore Tipping Culture: Do Taxi Drivers Expect A Tip?

In Singapore, there is no customary tipping for cabs, private hires, or taxi drivers. However, if you choose to tip, it’s typically done by saying “keep the change” or through the Grab/Gojek app.

On ride hailing apps, most of the time 100% of the tips goes to the drivers.

Does Singapore Work with Tipping Jars?

In Singapore, tipping jars are not a common sight. You might see them occasionally at some cafes or small eateries, but it’s not a widespread practice. If there’s a tip jar, feel free to leave a small amount if you wish, but it’s not expected.

Should I Tip My Tour Guide in Singapore?

While tipping your tour guide is not customary in Singapore, a small gratuity is always appreciated if you feel the guide has provided exceptional service. However, this is entirely discretionary and your tour guide will not expect a tip.

Singapore Tipping in Bars, Singapore KTV & Nightclubs

In bars, nightclubs, and KTVs in Singapore, tipping is not mandatory but it is appreciated especially if you received excellent service. If you wish to tip, a general guideline would be 10-15% of your total bill. However, the tipping amount is discretionary and can vary based on the level of service provided.

Depending on whether you got bottle services or if you have a personal hostess, the amount is discretionary but usually, a generous tip is expected especially if you plan on visiting the same club regularly.

Is “Hang Flower” Counted As Tipping?

“Hang flower” is a term used in Singapore’s nightlife scene where customers buy garlands or “flowers” for hostesses as a sign of appreciation. While it can be seen as a form of tipping, it’s more of a unique cultural practice within the local club scene rather than a traditional tip, they generally range from $50 – 150, but can go upwards to thousands of dollars.


In conclusion, tipping is not a common practice in Singapore and is generally not expected. Nevertheless, if you receive exceptional service, a small gratuity is always appreciated. Always remember, the decision to tip is entirely up to you!

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