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tio Meaning

In Singaporean slang, tio is a Hokkien term used to indicate the concept of being scolded or reprimanded. It is often used to describe the unfavorable consequences of one’s actions. In Chinese, tio can be translated as 被骂 (bèi mà) or 受罚 (shòu fá).

tio in a Sentence 

1. Wah, I go shopping then tio caught in the heavy rain! (pronounced as tee-oh) – Here, tio is used to indicate an unexpected consequence of going shopping, resulting in getting caught in heavy rain.
2. Don’t anyhow throw rubbish, kena tio fine! (pronounced as tee-oh) – In this sentence, tio represents a negative outcome of throwing rubbish, which is getting fined.
3. I tio scolded by my boss because I was late for work again! (pronounced as tee-oh) – This example showcases the usage of tio to signify getting scolded for being late to work.
4. Wah, your new hairstyle really tio many compliments! (pronounced as tee-oh) – Here, tio is used to express receiving numerous compliments for the new hairstyle.
5. He tio suan by his friends for wearing that outdated fashion. (pronounced as tee-oh) – In this sentence, tio implies being teased by friends for wearing outdated fashion.

tio Origin in Singlish

Tio is an abbreviation for tio chiu which means got problem in Singlish lah. You see, Singlish originates from the mix of different languages like Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English. So, this tio thing, it’s just one of the many unique expressions that makes Singlish so shiok!

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