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teh c Meaning

Teh C is a traditional Singaporean beverage that consists of black tea mixed with evaporated milk. It is known for its distinct, rich flavor and creamy texture. In Chinese, Teh C is translated as 奶茶 (nǎi chá).

teh c in a Sentence 

1. I always order teh C kosong at the kopitiam. (teh c pronounced as teh see)
2. Do you want teh C peng or teh C kosong? (teh c pronounced as teh see)
3. The uncle at the hawker center makes the best teh C. (teh c pronounced as teh see)
4. Let’s grab some teh C and kaya toast for breakfast. (teh c pronounced as teh see)
5. I prefer teh C gao because I like it stronger. (teh c pronounced as teh see)

teh c Origin in Singlish

Teh C, ah, this one? Origin from kopitiam, lah. Uncle make for you. Tea plus evaporated milk. Simi arh? You like more sweet? Add sugar ah. Got kosong or kopi version also. Simple drink but really shiok, leh! Must try when in Singapore.

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