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Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre: 20 Food Stalls you must try

Where is Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre?

If you’re looking for Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre, you can find it at 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore. To get there by public transportation, you can hop on the bus numbers 80, 145, or 196, or take the MRT and alight at Tanjong Pagar Station. It’s just a short walk away!

TDLR: About Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre

Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre, located in Singapore, has been serving up delicious food since its establishment. It is home to several famous stalls that are must-tries for food enthusiasts. One of the must-visit stalls is the Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice stall, known for its succulent chicken and fragrant rice. Another popular stall is the Char Kway Teow stall, where you can enjoy a plate of stir-fried noodles packed with flavors. Nearby attractions include the historic Chinatown and the iconic Gardens by the Bay.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre food

1. Ah Heng Durian – Indulge in the creamy, aromatic goodness of the King of Fruits.
2. Bobby’s Delight – Savor authentic Indian cuisine with a tantalizing array of curries and breads.
3. Granny’s Noodle House – Delight in comforting bowls of springy noodles and rich broths.
4. Heavenly Char Kway Teow – Taste the fiery perfection of wok-fried noodles with smoky charred bits.
5. Juicy Roast Duck – Sink your teeth into succulent, crispy-skinned duck served with fragrant rice.
6. Mama’s Chicken Rice – Enjoy tender, flavorful chicken paired with fragrant rice and aromatic condiments.
7. Mr. Roti Prata – Relish in the crispy and flaky goodness of freshly-made Indian flatbreads.
8. Nana’s Laksa – Dive into a bowl of aromatic coconut curry soup with springy noodles.
9. Ohana Poke – Experience a taste of Hawaii with refreshing bowls of marinated raw fish and veggies.
10. Uncle Lim’s Famous Satay – Satiate your cravings with juicy skewers of marinated meat paired with peanut sauce.

Each of these stalls offers a unique culinary experience that showcases the diverse flavors and tastes found at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market Food Centre. From local favorites like char kway teow and chicken rice to international delights like poke bowls and Indian cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So, next time you’re in the area, be sure to give these stalls a try and embark on a delectable culinary journey. and what they are famous for)

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