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tak boleh tahan Meaning

Tak boleh tahan is a Singaporean slang phrase that means cannot tolerate or cannot withstand. It is used informally to express frustration or annoyance. In Chinese, tak boleh tahan can be translated as 无法忍受 (wú fǎ rěn shòu).

tak boleh tahan in a Sentence 

1. This durian is so tak boleh tahan, the smell can be detected from a mile away. (pronounced: tahk boh-leh tah-hahn)
2. The spiciness of this chili paste is truly tak boleh tahan, it will make your taste buds explode. (pronounced: tahk boh-leh tah-hahn)
3. The comedian’s jokes were so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing, tak boleh tahan! (pronounced: tahk boh-leh tah-hahn)
4. My new shoes are so comfortable, I can walk all day in them, they are tak boleh tahan. (pronounced: tahk boh-leh tah-hahn)
5. The weather is so hot today, I’m sweating buckets, it’s really tak boleh tahan. (pronounced: tahk boh-leh tah-hahn)

tak boleh tahan Origin in Singlish

Tak boleh tahan origin from Singlish lah! Whenever something is very shiok or cannot resist, we use this phrase. In Singlish, we like to add lah at the end of our sentences to make it more sing-song and add emphasis to what we saying. Shiok lah!

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