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tai ko tyco Meaning

Tai ko tyco refers to individuals in Singapore who are perceived as powerful and influential. They are often seen as successful businessmen or professionals who possess a high social status and are involved in managing large companies or organizations. In Chinese, tai ko tyco can be translated as 大哥大财阀 (dà gē dà cái fá).

tai ko tyco in a Sentence 

1. Eh, that tai ko tyco, he always act blur, pretend don’t know anything.
2. Don’t mess with him, he’s a tai ko tyco, very fierce one.
3. The new manager doesn’t want to acknowledge his mistake, so he just tai ko tyco and blame everyone else.
4. My friend always act tai ko tyco, never want to take responsibility for his actions.
5. We were supposed to meet at 7pm, but she tai ko tyco and showed up an hour late.

How to pronounce tai ko tyco: Tie-koh-tie-koh.

tai ko tyco Origin in Singlish

This tai ko, ex like to chiong the town, so decided to tyco own company lor. Started small, but bluff all the blur sotong, became big shot in no time sia. Machiam like siao, but power only come from cunning moves, not genuine skills.

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