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tai chi

tai chi Meaning


tai chi in a Sentence 

1. Eh bro, I saw Uncle Lim doing tai chi in the park this morning. (pronounced as tie-chee)
2. Auntie Mary told me that tai chi helps to improve balance and flexibility. (pronounced as tie-chee)
3. Wah, this uncle so strong, can do the tai chi moves with ease! (pronounced as tie-chee)
4. Cannot disturb Uncle Tan when he’s doing tai chi lah, it’s his quiet time. (pronounced as tie-chee)
5. Aiyah, I always get confused with the tai chi steps, so hard to remember. (pronounced as tie-chee)

tai chi Origin in Singlish

Tai chi is like Singapore’s hawker food lah. Origin from China, it’s a slow-mo kung fu dance that makes you feel calm like Orchard Road got no crowd. Old uncles do it in the park, waving hands and kicking like no tomorrow. Very chill, very powerful, boleh!