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steady pom pi pi Meaning

Steady pom pi pi in Singapore refers to a local slang that embodies the concept of being cool, confident, and reliable. It represents a state of stability and competence. In Chinese, steady pom pi pi is translated as 稳稳的哦,噼噼啪啪 (wěn wěn de ō, pī pī pā pā).

steady pom pi pi in a Sentence 

1. I managed to complete my assignment in record time, steady pom pi pi lah! (exclaiming pride and accomplishment)
2. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, steady pom pi pi, I’ll handle it. (assurance and reliability)
3. She scored the highest in class, steady pom pi pi sia! (expressing awe or admiration)
4. I’ve been practicing this dance routine, steady pom pi pi, I’m going to nail it! (emphasizing determination)
5. Even though it was challenging, I kept going, steady pom pi pi, and finally reached the finish line. (highlighting perseverance)

Steady pom pi pi sted-ee-pahm-pee-pee is pronounced with a slight emphasis on the pom and pi syllables. The word steady is said in a calm and confident tone, while pom pi pi is pronounced rapidly and energetically.

steady pom pi pi Origin in Singlish

Dis pom pi pi, sibei steady sia. Origin from SG, chop chop become famous can. Got one uncle, limpek call him Steady Ah Beng. Dis jin how tok, all people go waah, shiok ah, so pro lah! Now dis pom pi pi go all over, everyone jin song!

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