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simi Meaning

Simi, in Singapore, refers to a colloquial term used to ask What or What is it? in English. In Chinese, the translation of simi would be 什么 (Shénme). It is commonly used in local vernacular conversations to seek clarification or express confusion about something.

simi in a Sentence 

1. Eh, simi is your problem lah? Why you so kanchiong? (What is your problem? Why are you so anxious?)
2. I don’t understand simi he saying lah, his Singlish too chim already. (I don’t understand what he is saying, his Singlish is too complicated.)
3. Aiyo, simi also can happen sia, really die die must trust the magic. (Oh no, anything can happen, you really have to trust the magic completely.)
4. You really never learn simi lesson ah, keep making the same mistakes. (You really never learn anything from your past experiences, you keep making the same mistakes.)
5. Simi nonsense you talking about? I don’t believe a single word! (What non-sense are you talking about? I don’t believe a single word!)
Pronunciation: See-mee

simi Origin in Singlish

How this simi come from ah? Simi has been used in Singlish for long time liao lor. It means what or what is this lah. So when you blur blur or blur sotong, just say simi lor. Mai tu liao, now you know lah.