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sic sharing caring

sic sharing caring Meaning

Sic sharing caring in Singapore emphasizes the importance of community and mutual support. It encapsulates the idea of sharing resources and caring for one another in the city-state. “Sic sharing caring” in Chinese is 善意分享与关怀.

sic sharing caring in a Sentence 

1. Eh, bro, I just caught a huge fish at the pond leh. Want to come over and do some sic sharing caring? (pronounced as sick sha-ring ca-ring)

2. Auntie, you don’t have to worry about watering your plants when you go on vacation lah. We’ll do some sic sharing caring and take care of them for you. (pronounced as sick sha-ring ca-ring)

3. Hey, Jenny, let’s go to the hawker center and buy some food to do some sic sharing caring with our friends later. (pronounced as sick sha-ring ca-ring)

4. Boss, I can stay back and help pack the boxes for the delivery. You know how we always believe in sic sharing caring. (pronounced as sick sha-ring ca-ring)

5. Aiyah, I burned my hand while cooking. No worries, my neighbors are so nice, always ready to do sic sharing caring, they’ll help me with the cooking now. (pronounced as sick sha-ring ca-ring)

sic sharing caring Origin in Singlish

This sic sharing caring, eh? Origin from the kampung days lah! Back then, we help each other with no questions asked, you know? Sharing food, helping with chores, looking out for one another. It’s in our blood, lah! Singapore spirit through and through, sia!