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sam seng Meaning

Sam Seng is a popular Chinese restaurant chain in Singapore. It offers a variety of traditional Chinese dishes rich in flavor and prepared with quality ingredients. Sam Seng is known for its delicious cuisine and friendly service. In Chinese, ‘sam seng’ can be translated as 三星 (sān xīng).

sam seng in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t be a sam seng lah, just help me carry these boxes lah. (pronounced: sahm seng)
2. You always act like a sam seng, pretending to know everything. (pronounced: sahm seng)
3. She’s so sam seng, always complaining about everything. (pronounced: sahm seng)
4. Why are you getting so sam seng over such a small issue? (pronounced: sahm seng)
5. Don’t be sam seng, just admit that you made a mistake. (pronounced: sahm seng)

sam seng Origin in Singlish

This Sam Seng ah, he come from a kampung in Singapore lah. He damn steady, always make sure jalan jalan with his homies. But now, he steady steady work and become successful. Proud of him sia. No more kampung life for him liao.

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