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pundek Meaning

In Singapore, pundek is a slang term derived from Malay language, used as an offensive vulgar expression to insult someone. It does not have an exact translation in Chinese.

pundek in a Sentence 

1. Wah lau, that guy is so rude! He always talk like pundek one, no manners at all. (pronounced: poon-dek)
2. Eh, don’t be so pundek lah, cannot even find your own wallet! (pronounced: poon-dek)
3. Aiyo, why you always pundek around when I’m trying to study? Can you give me some peace and quiet? (pronounced: poon-dek)
4. Makan already but still hungry? Your appetite is really pundek sia. (pronounced: poon-dek)
5. I tell you ah, that movie is damn pundek. Waste my time only. (pronounced: poon-dek)

pundek Origin in Singlish

Dis pundek ah, ori-jin from Malaysia lah. Very popular swear word also can say body part, leh. But hor, better don’t use in front of grandma or she slap your face sia.

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