ID & Passport Photo Booth locations: For Visa, Passports & ID

ID & Passport Photo Booth locations: For Visa, Passports & ID

There are several passport and ID photo booths in Singapore that can help you get the photos you need for renewing/getting a new IC, passport or visa.

You can always visit a printing & photo shop for passport/ID photos, however most of them takes some time to have the film developed. Photo booths serves as an alternative to getting your ID & passport photo quickly!

Where Do I find ID/Passport Photo Booth in Singapore?

Do note, some machines do not have certain settings, i.e glossy pictures, different sizes for different kind of passports. Do check the google review for each location & confirming image size & resolution needed, which differs from country to country, before going down to avoid a wasted trip.

Here are the locations for ID/passport photo booths:

  • ID Photo Booth – 313 @ somerset (ID Photo Booth, 1 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238162)
  • ID Photo Booth – Clark Quay MRT (No. 10 Eu Tong Sen St, Clark Quay MRT Station, Singapore 059815)
  • ID Photo Booth – 90 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 538766
  • Photo-Me – Downtown MRT station.
  • Photo-Me – Beauty World Centre (144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588177)
  • ID-Photo Booth – Bukit Panjang, 1 Jelebu Rd, Singapore 677743

P.S if you are unsure how to read postal codes, check out this page!

There are many other photo booths for passports & IDs in different MRTs that’s not found online, do try searching on Google maps or asking people if they know any.

Unable to locate a Photo Booth or unsatisfied with photo booth quality?

This has been an issue for many users, often photo booths deliver the photos but have some issues regarding:

  • Photo quality & resolution
  • Glossy pictures
  • Different sizes

Alternatively, you can visit a proper photo shoot to help you with your ID photos!

Some of which provide photoshoot services if you are unsatisfied with the overall feel & look of the photo to be used in passports & IDs.

Alternatively, there’s are apps for IC / Passport Photo Mobile App you can use to print your own photos as needed.

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