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pang seh

pang seh Meaning

Pang seh, a common term used in Singapore, refers to the act of causing embarrassment or inconvenience to someone. It can be translated as 尴尬 (gān gà) in Chinese.

pang seh in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t pang seh us lah, come join us for supper later. (pronounced pang-say)
2. She pang seh me last-minute and cancelled our movie date. (pronounced pang-say)
3. Wah, you really pang seh your family and fly off for a holiday without telling anyone ah? (pronounced pang-say)
4. The boss pang seh the meeting again, wasting our time. (pronounced pang-say)
5. Don’t be so pang seh, lah! Just come and sing karaoke with us. (pronounced pang-say)

pang seh Origin in Singlish

Aiyo, pang seh is like when you promise to go jalan jalan with your kaki but then last minute machiam disappear. Walao eh, cannot do this lah! Confirm make your friends sian. Must always stick true lah, don’t pang seh people.