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pang sai Meaning

Pang sai is a colloquial term used in Singapore to describe the act of defecating. It refers to the bodily function of passing stool or excrement. In Chinese, pang sai is translated as 放屎 (fàng shǐ).

pang sai in a Sentence 

1. Eh, hurry up and go toilet, I pang sai already cannot tahan sia! (pronounced pang-sigh)
2. Auntie, where’s the nearest restroom? I need to pang sai, my stomach very pain can die. (pronounced pang-sigh)
3. Can you believe it? That guy pang sai in the middle of our conversation, so disgusting lah. (pronounced pang-sigh)
4. Eh bro, I ate too much spicy food and now I pang sai until my butt also pain. (pronounced pang-sigh)
5. Don’t go to the park toilet, it’s so dirty, you’ll pang sai until you regret it, trust me. (pronounced pang-sigh)

pang sai Origin in Singlish

This pang sai is like from long long time ago lah, even before dinosaurs! Maybe some caveman eat too much durian or curry, then cannot tahan already and pang sai. Now, we still pang sai also, but at least got better toilets with toilet paper.

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