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pai seh is a word in Singlish ( 歹勢/歹势)

pai seh paiseh Meaning

Pai seh paiseh is a Singlish term used in Singapore to describe a feeling of embarrassment, awkwardness, or reluctance. It can be translated into Chinese as 不好意思 (bù hǎo yìsi).

pai seh paiseh in a Sentence

1. Sorry, I forgot to bring the money. Pai seh paiseh. (pronounced pie seh pie say) – Apologizing for forgetting to bring the money, feeling embarrassed about the situation.
2. I spilled coffee on my colleague’s shirt, so pai seh paiseh. (pronounced pie seh pie say) – Expressing remorse and embarrassment for accidentally staining someone’s shirt with coffee.
3. I couldn’t solve the math problem in class, very pai seh paiseh. (pronounced pie seh pie say) – Feeling ashamed and embarrassed for not being able to solve a math problem in front of the whole class.
4. He tripped and fell in the middle of the crowded street, so pai seh paiseh lor. (pronounced pie seh pie say lah) – Describing the embarrassment someone feels after tripping and falling in a crowded street.
5. I mistakenly called my teacher ‘auntie’, so pai seh paiseh siah. (pronounced pie seh pie say sia) – Feeling embarrassed and apologetic for mistakenly addressing a teacher with a casual term usually used for older women.

pai seh paiseh Origin in Singlish  (歹勢/歹势)

Pai seh paiseh origin from our kiasu kiasi culture lah. When we do something embarrassing, we feel shy and shy, so we say pai seh paiseh. It’s like saying sorry but with extra feel. We Malaysians, we Singaporeans, we all pai seh paiseh one lah!

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