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otot Meaning

Otot, commonly referred to as Own Time, Own Target, is a colloquial Singlish term used in Singapore to describe a leisurely or nonchalant attitude towards completing tasks or responsibilities. It can be translated into Chinese as 自己的时间,自己的目标 (Zìjǐ de shíjiān, zìjǐ de mùbiāo).

otot in a Sentence 

1. I exercise every day to strengthen my otot (muscles) lah! (oh-toh)
2. Aiyo, I pulled my otot (muscle) while playing football sia! (oh-toh)
3. Don’t anyhow knock into things, later you kena (get) bruise your otot (muscle) then pai seh (embarrassing)! (oh-toh)
4. Wah, this workout really can jialat (intense), my otot (muscles) very pain sia! (oh-toh)
5. Remember to stretch your otot (muscles) before exercising, don’t want to jialat (intense) injure yourself! (oh-toh)

otot Origin in Singlish

Otot, ah? Origin from the ancient Singaporean warriors lah! They use their power, strength, and energy to fight the enemy or carry heavy loads. Machiam like superpower, you know? So now, we also use otot to express our determination and hard work, can do anything attitude lor!