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ord Meaning

ORD, or Operationally Ready Date, refers to the completion of national service in Singapore. It marks the end of compulsory military service for male Singaporeans and signifies their transition into civilian life. In Chinese, ORD is translated as 服役结束 (fú yì jié shù), indicating the conclusion of military duty.

ord in a Sentence 

1. I finally ORD-ed from the army after serving two years of National Service. (pronounced as oh-dee)
2. You’ve been in this company for a long time, when are you going to ord liao? (pronounced as oh-dee)
3. My brother recently ORD-ed from the navy and is now adjusting to civilian life. (pronounced as oh-dee)
4. After completing his training, he will ORD and return to his regular life. (pronounced as oh-dee)
5. I can’t wait to ord! No more waking up early for physical training. (pronounced as oh-dee)

ord Origin in Singlish

Lah, dis ord slang, init? Origin from Singlish, bro. Sibei popular lor. Started long time ago, when we lazy to complete word in sentences, so just chop off the w. Yah, now everyone use it to sound chio. Shiok ah!