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ord loh Meaning

ORD loh is a phrase commonly used in Singapore to express the completion of mandatory national service. It signifies the end of military obligations for individuals. In Chinese, ORD loh can be translated as 退伍了 (tuìwǔ le), reflecting the relief of being discharged from service.

ord loh in a Sentence 

1. Wah, I finally ORD loh! (Wow, I finally completed my National Service!)
2. Cannot wait to go back to civilian life, ORD loh. (I’m so excited to be done with my military service!)
3. Eh, my friend ORD loh, let’s celebrate! (Hey, my friend has completed his National Service, let’s celebrate!)
4. Bro, I ORD loh, no more outfield exercises! (Hey, I have completed my military service, no more outdoor training!)
5. Remember to collect your ORD loh certificate before leaving! (Make sure to collect your certificate of completion of National Service before you leave!)

Pronunciation: ‘ORD’ is pronounced as ‘oh-ah-dee’, and ‘loh’ is pronounced as ‘loh’.

ord loh Origin in Singlish

Ord loh origin from Hokkien lah! It means complete already or finished lor. We use this slang all the time lah. It’s so convenient because can save time and energy, no need to say the whole sentence. Very shiok, you know? Now you understand, hor?

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