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neh neh pok Meaning

Neh neh pok is a Singaporean slang referring to someone who constantly brags or shows off material possessions. It can also describe someone who seeks attention by flaunting wealth. In Chinese, neh neh pok translates to 炫耀狂 (xuàn yào kuáng) or 虚伪炫富者 (xū wěi xuàn fù zhě).

neh neh pok in a Sentence 

1. Wah, that guy always boast about his fancy car, such a neh neh pok.
2. My neighbor is so neh neh pok, always showing off his new gadgets.
3. Don’t be so neh neh pok, just because you scored well in that test.
4. Eh, stop being a neh neh pok and help out with the cleaning.
5. She’s such a neh neh pok, always flaunting her designer clothes wherever she goes.

Pronunciation: neh neh pok (nee nee pohk)

neh neh pok Origin in Singlish

This neh neh pok ish like got from history long long time ago sia. Maybe got a guy named Ah Neh pok, always showing off his lah lah chest and making others jelly. Then everyone start say neh neh pok to describe people who liddat lor.

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