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mum mum

mum mum Meaning

Mum mum in Singapore refers to local street food stalls or hawker centers that offer a diverse range of delicious and affordable dishes. These food establishments are popular among locals and tourists alike. In Chinese, mum mum translates to 妈妈 (māmā).

mum mum in a Sentence 

1. Let’s go for some mum mum at the hawker centre lah! (Mum mum refers to food or a meal, pronounced as muhm-muhm.)
2. The auntie sells delicious mum mum at her kopitiam stall. (Mum mum means local delicacies or home-cooked food.)
3. Tonight, we’ll have mum mum like curry chicken and roti prata for dinner. (Mum mum emphasizes diverse food options.)
4. I’m feeling hungry; I need some mum mum to fill my belly! (Mum mum refers to satisfying food, pronounced as muhm-muhm.)
5. My mum can cook the best mum mum; her laksa is simply shiok! (Mum mum implies homemade and tasty dishes.)

mum mum Origin in Singlish

Mum mum, wah from Singapore one lor. You see, got this auntie selling at hawker centre, damn power sia! Got chicken rice, laksa, char kway teow, all so shiok. The taste, confirm chio bu! Best part, cheap cheap, can eat every day, no need to break bank!