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mscp Meaning

Mandatory Sustainable Construction Practices (MSCP) in Singapore refer to compulsory guidelines and regulations aimed at promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable construction methods. Required for all construction projects, MSCP helps to reduce carbon emissions, enhance resource efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.


mscp in a Sentence 

1. Eh, let’s meet at the MSCP in Jurong for supper at 11pm. (pronounced as em-ess-see-pee)
2. Auntie, can you help me tap my card at the MSCP gantry? (pronounced as em-ess-see-pee)
3. Wah, the MSCP at Tampines is always full, cannot find parking one. (pronounced as em-ess-see-pee)
4. Last night, got ah beng racing at the MSCP, damn noisy lah! (pronounced as em-ess-see-pee)
5. Kaypoh aunty spotted gossiping at the void deck MSCP again. (pronounced as em-ess-see-pee)

Context: The term MSCP stands for Multi-Storey Car Park and is a commonly used acronym in Singaporean English, also known as Singlish. MSCP refers to car parking buildings with multiple floors, which are highly prevalent in Singapore due to limited land space. The pronunciation of MSCP in Singlish is often phonetically spoken as em-ess-see-pee to mimic the abbreviation.

mscp Origin in Singlish

This mscp start from very simple, you see. The gahmen want every block got parking space, so they build multi-storey car park. Then, people happy got place to park cars, no need to squeeze on road. Can la, now got MSCP everywhere oredi!

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