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mati Meaning

Mati in Singapore refers to a local slang term used to express extreme exhaustion or being extremely tired. It can also mean being bored or lacking interest in something. In Chinese, mati can be translated as 疲劳 (pí láo) or 厌倦 (yàn juàn).

mati in a Sentence 

1. My phone battery is mati already. (mah-tee)
2. Don’t play play ah, I will make you mati one. (mah-tee)
3. Why you never bring umbrella, later mati of heat. (mah-tee)
4. If you forget to bring passport, sure mati cannot enter the country. (mah-tee)
5. I accidentally ate chili padi, almost mati from the spiciness. (mah-tee)

mati Origin in Singlish

This mati origin from way back lah. Alamaaaak, very long time ago, got this big bang and then universe formed like siao. Then, life slowly evolved and boom! This mati leh, come from that whole process. So, confirm got lah.