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malu Meaning

Malu is a term commonly used in Singapore to describe the feeling of embarrassment or shame. It represents the cultural value of avoiding actions that may cause discomfort or humiliation to oneself or others. In Chinese, malu is translated as 尴尬 (gān gà).

malu in a Sentence 

1. I forgot my friend’s name, so I just smiled and pretended not to malu.
2. My parents always embarrass me in front of my friends, and it’s so malu lah!
3. The teacher scolded me in class for not completing my homework, and I felt so malu.
4. I accidentally spilled my drink on the restaurant floor, and everyone stared at me, making me feel malu.
5. When my crush waved at me and I waved back excitedly, only to realize he was actually waving at someone else, I felt super malu!

Pronunciation: ma-loo

malu Origin in Singlish

Chiobu wearing short skirt walk by, so handsome guy see liao, stare until forget how to talk. Then he blur blur malu (shy) to the max. Want say hi but no words come out, so paiseh (embarrassed)! Malu is like that lah, come from outside can permute inside one.