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look see

look see Meaning

Look see in Singapore refers to a casual observation or a quick glance. It is a phrase commonly used to indicate a brief inspection or a casual look. In Chinese, look see can be translated as 看看 (kàn kàn).

look see in a Sentence 

1. Eh, just come down and look see lah! The new hawker center got a lot of good food. (lok-see)
2. Before you buy, better go look see first. Don’t regret later. (lok-see)
3. Why you so kaypoh? Always want to look see if people’s business. (lok-see)
4. Aiyah, auntie always like to go market and look see what’s cheap. (lok-see)
5. This tourist wants to look see Orchard Road, we bring him go around lah. (lok-see)

look see Origin in Singlish

How this looks see origin from ah? 50 words, sia. Like cannot tell what kind of origin this is lah. Maybe got the pattern origin. Maybe got the kelong origin. Dunno sia. Need to study more ah, then can see clearer origin.