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liddat Meaning

Liddat is a Singlish slang phrase commonly used in Singapore and it means like that in English. It is used to describe a situation, behavior, or action that is done in a specific manner or is considered typical. In Chinese, liddat can be translated as 就那样 (jiù nà yàng).

liddat in a Sentence 

1. This chicken rice stall is expensive liddat lah! (pronounced as lee-dut) – expressing surprise or disbelief at the high prices.
2. Why you talk to me liddat? (pronounced as lee-dut) – questioning someone’s rude or disrespectful behavior.
3. Don’t eat the chili liddat, mix it properly! (pronounced as lee-dut) – advising someone to mix the ingredients properly instead of just leaving them separated.
4. My boss scolded me liddat, so stressful. (pronounced as lee-dut) – describing the manner in which someone scolded or criticized them.
5. Don’t touch my things liddat, you’ll break them! (pronounced as lee-dut) – warning someone about the careless way they are handling objects.

liddat Origin in Singlish

Liddat come from the combination of like that and lah, commonly heard in Singapore. It’s a way of speaking that adds a playful tone to conversations. Singlish is uniquely Singaporean, lah! So next time, just say liddat and blend right in. Shiok ah!

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