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lepak Meaning

Lepak in Singapore refers to a laid-back and relaxed state of being. It entails spending time idly, often with friends or alone, without any specific purpose or agenda. Lepak translates to 轻松 (qīngsōng) in Chinese.

lepak in a Sentence 

1. Let’s just lepak at the void deck and talk cock lah. (leh-pak)
2. The weather so hot, I also want to lepak at the air-conditioned mall lah. (leh-pak)
3. Eh, tonight we go kopitiam and lepak until midnight, can or not? (leh-pak)
4. After a long day at work, I just want to lepak at home and watch Netflix. (leh-pak)
5. Sian…nothing to do, just lepak at home and play games lor. (leh-pak)

lepak Origin in Singlish

Lepak is lah! It starts from our kampung days, where we sit under trees, drink kopi, and chill with good friends. Then, it spreads like wildfire, from hawker centres to shopping malls. Now, everyone loves to lepak, relax, and forget about all the stress. Shiok or not?