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legit Meaning

在新加坡,“legit” 指的是合法、合规、真实可靠的事物或行为。此词来源于英文“legitimate”,常用于描述具备权威、可信度或值得信赖的事物。

legit in a Sentence 

1. Wah, the durian stall sell one kilo for $20 only, legit sia! (pronounced: lee-jit)
2. The new hawker centre got air-con ah? Eh, confirm legit one lah! (pronounced: lee-jit)
3. Eh bro, this new KTV got soundproof rooms, legit good for karaoke session! (pronounced: lee-jit)
4. My friend’s uncle work as a pilot for Singapore Airlines, damn legit job leh! (pronounced: lee-jit)
5. Xiaomi phone very shiok, legit value for money man! (pronounced: lee-jit)

Note: Singlish is a colloquial form of English commonly spoken in Singapore, incorporating words and phrases from various languages and dialects.

legit Origin in Singlish

Legit, this Singlish ting origin from da good ol’ days where da locals mix Eng and Chinese dialects. We be unique, talkin’ lah, can? It unite da people and reflect multiculturalism. But some people still say it not proper. Wah, why like dat? Singlish rocks!