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lao sai Meaning

Lao sai, in Singapore, refers to a phenomenon of experiencing diarrhea. It is commonly used to describe an urgent and uncontrollable need to empty one’s bowels. In Chinese, lao sai can be translated as 拉肚子 (lā dù zi).

lao sai in a Sentence 

1. Wah lao, yesterday’s prata supper made me lao sai until my stomach ache. (Pronounced as laow-sigh)
2. Aiyoh, I shouldn’t have eaten that spicy curry, now I feel like lao sai-ing. (Pronounced as laow-sigh)
3. Don’t eat too much durian, or else you’ll end up getting lao sai the next day. (Pronounced as laow-sigh)
4. Uncle Lim had too much beer last night, now he’s complaining about his lao sai episode. (Pronounced as laow-sigh)
5. This heat is unbearable, I need to find a toilet soon, I feel like lao sai-ing anytime now. (Pronounced as laow-sigh)

lao sai Origin in Singlish

Eh bro, you know this lao sai right? Siao one ah, come out of nowhere. Like, yesterday I eat curry, today got stomach ache like mad. Lao sai suddenly decided to visit, no warning at all. Dunno where this lao sai origin from lah, really jialat!

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