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lan jiao Meaning

Lan Jiao is a vulgar term in Singlish, a dialect spoken in Singapore. It refers to the male genitalia and is often used as a form of profanity or to express frustration. In Chinese, lan jiao translates to 烂鸟, which carries the same vulgar connotation.

lan jiao in a Sentence 

1. Eh, that guy always act blur one, he really sibei lan jiao lah! (sibei: very)
2. Wah, this weather so hot, my shirt soaked sia, damn lan jiao! (sia: emphasis)
3. Why you don’t know how to use chopsticks? Lan jiao, so embarrassing sia!
4. You better study or else lan jiao, your parents scold you one.
5. Aiyoh, this bus driver so lan jiao, keep driving so slow, I gonna be late for work liao! (liao: already)

Lan jiao is pronounced as lahn jee-ow.

lan jiao Origin in Singlish

Lan jiao, you see, come from our ah beng language lah! It start with the Hokkien word lan meaning penis and the Malay word jiao meaning bird. Then we mix them together and we get this funny lan jiao that we all like to say sia!

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