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lagi Meaning

Lagi in Singapore refers to the local slang term used to express emphasis or intensification. It can be roughly translated to even more or further in Chinese, accentuating the degree or extent of something.

lagi in a Sentence 

1. Eh, why you always late lagi? Cannot be on time ah? – Pronounced: lah-gee
2. Don’t need to buy so many lah, one packet lagi enough. – Pronounced: lah-gee
3. Walao, your phone lagi expensive than mine leh. – Pronounced: lah-gee
4. I study until midnight lagi, then wake up at 5 am for work. – Pronounced: lah-gee
5. My boss scolded me again today, complain complain lagi! – Pronounced: lah-gee

lagi Origin in Singlish

Lagi is like extra shiok sia, it make things more jin ho. It come from Malay and Hokkien, like rojak language leh. Means ‘again’ or ‘more’. Can use to emphasize, like lagi power or lagi sedap. So, just add lagi to anything, make it lemak!