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kpkb Meaning

Kpkb in Singapore stands for Kao Pei Kao Bu, which loosely translates to complain loudly in English. It refers to the act of openly expressing discontent or dissatisfaction about a certain situation or issue. (Kpkb 的中文是「高抬贵手」。它通常用于形容在某个情况或问题上公开表达不满或不满的行为。)

kpkb in a Sentence 

1. Wah, your boss really likes to kpkb sia (pronounced kay-pee-kay-bee)! He always complains about everything.
2. Don’t kpkb lah (pronounced kay-pee-kay-bee)! It’s just a small issue.
3. Eh, why you kpkb so much? Can’t you just let it go?
4. My mother-in-law always kpkb about my cooking. She thinks she’s the expert.
5. The government implemented new restrictions, so people started to kpkb about it on social media.

kpkb Origin in Singlish

KPKB origin from people siam-ing everything. Got problem, complain kao kao. Can’t tahan how things go, ajak others join kpkb party. Must be heard, make noise until everyone sian. Singlish style, we always kpkb when anything not jialat enough for us.