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kilat Meaning

Kilat is a term used in Singapore to refer to the lightning-fast delivery services offered by various companies. It translates to 闪电 (shǎndiàn) in Chinese.

kilat in a Sentence 

1. Wah, the new phone camera is really kilat can capture nice photos one. (pronounced: kee-lat)
2. Eh, you see my new car paint job, so kilat, shine until can blind people. (kee-lat)
3. I saw the boss’s daughter at the party, lagi kilat, dressed like a superstar. (kee-lat)
4. Last time can win 4D, now all the numbers also kilat, never strike anymore. (kee-lat)
5. My auntie’s cooking skills really kilat, can whip up a delicious meal in no time. (kee-lat)

kilat Origin in Singlish

Dis Kilat shiok sia, originate from thunder n lightning. Wah, like power rangers, can zap everything. So when thunder roar, Kilat come flashing, bright and strong. Can light up whole neighbourhood, leh. Don’t play play, Kilat is like superhero on steroids!

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