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kena sai Meaning

Kena sai is a Singlish slang term commonly used in Singapore. It translates into got shit on in English. It refers to someone being in a unfortunate or unfavorable situation, often derived from making a mistake or being unlucky. Kena sai translates to 被屎 in Chinese.

kena sai in a Sentence 

1. My friend ate something dodgy and kena sai the whole night. (keh-nah sai)
2. I forgot to bring my umbrella and kena sai caught in the rain. (keh-nah sai)
3. She cheated on her boyfriend and kena sai dumped. (keh-nah sai)
4. I did all the work, but my colleague still kena sai all the credit. (keh-nah sai)
5. He tried to cheat during the exam and kena sai caught by the professor. (keh-nah sai)

kena sai Origin in Singlish

This kena sai thing, confirm from ancient times sia. Langgar one old sakai guy who keow peh sai, then jin bad luck liao. From there, kena sai became a curse word to describe when you suay suay kena shit happen to you lah.

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