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keling kia Meaning

Keling kia is a colloquial term used in Singapore to refer to a person of Indian ethnicity who identifies with Tamil culture. It carries both a neutral and endearing connotation. In Chinese, keling kia can be translated as 光头鸡 (guāng tóu jī), which literally means bald chicken.

keling kia in a Sentence 

1. Eh, that keling kia always like to show off his new car and talk so big lah! (kay-ling kee-yah)
2. Don’t mess with that keling kia, he’s really good at martial arts. (kay-ling kee-yah)
3. Why does that keling kia always wear such flashy clothes? He thinks he’s some kind of superstar ah? (kay-ling kee-yah)
4. The keling kia just got promoted again even though he does nothing but chat on the phone all day. (kay-ling kee-yah)
5. Oi, that keling kia ate my favorite snack without asking first, damn bo liao! (kay-ling kee-yah)

keling kia Origin in Singlish

This keling kia origin from India, you know? His whole family migrated here long time ago. Now he very Singaporean already, lah. So don’t anyhow call him keling, okay? Respect his roots, can?

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