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kayu Meaning

Kayu, in Singapore, refers to a popular local eatery known for its affordable and delicious roti prata, a South Indian flatbread served with various savory accompaniments. Translated as 木 (mù) in Chinese, Kayu is a beloved culinary destination offering a range of delectable options to satisfy diverse palates.

kayu in a Sentence 

1. My dad knocked into a lamppost while parking the car. What a kayu move! (kayu: pronounced as ka-yoo)
2. Don’t be so kayu lah, the answer is right in front of your eyes! (kayu: pronounced as ka-yoo)
3. That guy thinks he’s so cool, but his dance moves are really kayu. (kayu: pronounced as ka-yoo)
4. I can’t believe I tripped over my own feet. I’m so kayu! (kayu: pronounced as ka-yoo)
5. The goalkeeper missed an easy save. He’s been quite kayu lately. (kayu: pronounced as ka-yoo)

kayu Origin in Singlish

Kayu very simple, one uncle stretch rubber band around tree and sap come out. Then cook sap until hard like wood. Voila, kayu born! Good for hitting people’s heads or making furniture. So if someone say you kayu, means you blur or dumb.

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