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kaki Meaning

Kaki in Singapore refers to a local term used to describe someone’s friends or close companions. It is commonly used to refer to a group of people who share similar interests and spend leisure time together. In Chinese, kaki can be translated as 好友 (hǎo yǒu).

kaki in a Sentence 

1. Let’s go makan at the hawker center lah, my food kaki is always up for some chicken rice. (pronounced as ‘kah-kee’)
2. This new workout routine is killer, need my gym kaki to motivate me. (pronounced as ‘kah-kee’)
3. Have you watched the latest movie? Shiok sia, my movie kaki recommended it. (pronounced as ‘kah-kee’)
4. Going shopping at Orchard Road with my shopping kaki, we always find the best deals. (pronounced as ‘kah-kee’)
5. Our hiking kakis have planned a trip to MacRitchie Reservoir this weekend, join us lah! (pronounced as ‘kah-kee’)

kaki Origin in Singlish

Eh bro, this kaki origin story damn steady leh. Back in the day, got this jin powerful ah beng, CB local hero. All the kiasu kakis followed him to the ends of SG. Now we all chill, lepak and jio each other for makan sessions. How shiok is that lah!