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huat Meaning

Huat is a colloquial term commonly used in Singapore to express well-wishes for good luck and prosperity. It represents the aspiration for financial success and abundance. In Chinese, huat can be translated as 发财 (fā cái).

huat in a Sentence 

1. Wah, this year’s ang bao collection really huat ah! (hwat) – expressing excitement and good fortune in receiving a substantial amount of money during the Chinese New Year.
2. I hope my business will huat and bring in more customers. (hwat) – wishing for prosperity and success in a business venture.
3. My friend’s investment in Bitcoin really huat leh! (hwat) – acknowledging someone’s successful investment in cryptocurrency.
4. Don’t forget to buy 4D, huat ah! (hwat) – encouraging someone to buy 4D lottery tickets for a chance to win and bring good luck.
5. I bought a new car, this huat ah! (hwat) – expressing excitement and delight after purchasing a new and expensive item.

huat Origin in Singlish

Huat start from when you buy 4D ticket and strike, then you say wah, so huat ah! Then people say huat is good luck, like money flowing in. Now, huat become popular and everyone use it to wish each other. Huat ah!

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