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How to Buy MRT tickets in Singapore?


Coming to Singapore & want to learn how to buy MRT tickets in Singapore? No problem, let’s go step by step, okay?

Step 1: Choose Your Ticket Type

First thing first, you need to decide what kind of ticket you want. In Singapore, we have two main types of tickets: the Standard Ticket and the EZ-Link card. The Standard Ticket is a single or return trip ticket. But if you’re planning to travel around Singapore quite a bit, It’ll be better to get the EZ-Link card. It’s a stored value card that you can top up and use for multiple trips.

Step 2: Purchasing the Ticket

Next, you need to purchase your chosen ticket. For the Standard Ticket, just go to the General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at any MRT station. Follow the instructions on the screen, select your destination, and pay the fare. It’s quite easy one. For the EZ-Link card, you can get it at the TransitLink Ticket Office or Passenger Service Centre.

Step 3: Using the Ticket

Now you got your ticket, it’s time to use it. At the fare gate, tap the ticket on the card reader. If you’re using the Standard Ticket, remember to tap it again when you exit at your destination station. If you’re using the EZ-Link card, also need to tap when entering and exiting.


So, that’s how to buy MRT tickets in Singapore. Quite simple, right? Just remember these steps and you can travel around Singapore like a pro. Don’t say bo jio!

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