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having here Meaning

在新加坡,「having」的意思是拥有或具备某种特质、能力或经验。这个词可以用来描述持有某种物品或权益,如财产、职位或资格。它也可以表示参与或体验某种活动或感觉。在中文中,「having here」可以翻译为「在这里拥有」。

having here in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you having here or takeaway? (Are you eating here or taking away?)
2. Having here not bad lah, got air-con. (Eating here is not bad, there’s air conditioning.)
3. Wah, the queue so long, better having here until it shortens. (The queue is long, it’s better to eat here until it shortens.)
4. Later we go makan-Paul having here with us. (Later we will go eat, Paul will be eating here with us.)
5. I’m having here, can I get extra chili? (I’m eating here, can I have extra chili?)
Pronunciation: Ha-ving here (with a slight emphasis on the v sound in having and a short i sound in here).

having here Origin in Singlish

Eh, why you all want to know ah? This having here is from the good ol’ Singapore la. Can’t you tell ah? Singlish, lah! It’s our own unique way of speaking, mix of English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. So shiok, can communicate with anyone!

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