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hao lian

hao lian Meaning

Hao lian refers to a popular Singaporean slang term used to describe someone who is boastful, arrogant, or excessively proud of themselves. The Chinese translation for hao lian is 好脸 (hǎo liǎn).

hao lian in a Sentence 

1. Wah, he always wear designer clothes and show off his expensive watch, so hao lian sia! (pronounced as how-lee-an)
2. She keep posting pictures of all the delicious food she eats at fancy restaurants, hao lian lah! (pronounced as how-lee-an)
3. Why you always boast about your high-paying job and luxurious holidays, so hao lian one lor! (pronounced as how-lee-an)
4. Don’t need to be so hao lian about your new car, you know. (pronounced as how-lee-an)
5. Wah, he always talk about himself and exaggerate everything, super hao lian sia! (pronounced as how-lee-an)

hao lian Origin in Singlish

This hao lian behavior, you see ah, origins from people who think they dang power. They always show-off, want to show they big shot. So can’t blame us for making fun of them lah, because they the one start lor.